The 10 Best Hotels in Sumbawa (and Why)

Sumbawa is one of the natural wonders that you can find in Indonesia. Starting from the beauty of the beaches, the wild nature, the amazing traditional culture to other tourist destinations scattered throughout Sumbawa.

Indeed, Sumbawa is famous for its very famous surfing spots, even one of the world-class surfing spots, namely Scar Reef, is located in Sumbawa. In short, Sumbawa is the right vacation spot for those of you who want to feel a relaxing and natural holiday atmosphere.

But to get the best experience, make sure you choose the right accommodation in Sumbawa. Because the right accommodation will make it easy for you to enjoy the beauty of Sumbawa and experience an authentic Sumbawa.

Here are some places to stay in Sumbawa that you should consider:

Sunset Moyo Bungalows

These bungalows are homestays in Sumbawa that are perfect for enjoying the beauty of Moyo Island, Sumbawa. Because it is not only close to various interesting tourist destinations around Moyo Island, but staying at Sunset Moyo Bungalow will give you an unforgettable stay.

Sunset Moyo Bungalows is highly recommended to travelers who are looking for affordable accommodation in Sumbawa and a comfortable stay. Minimalist, semi-traditional design and buildings facing the beach make these Bungalows the best choice for a place to stay in Sumbawa.

Kaloka Airport Hotel

One of the hotels in Sumbawa which has a very strategic location, which is only >1 km from the airport. Kaloka Airport Hotel is one of the hotels in Sumbawa near the airport. The comfort of your stay at Kaloka Airport Hotel is guaranteed due to the friendly service of the staff and complete facilities.

One thing that will amaze you about this hotel in Sumbawa is the interior design which is very unique, interesting and very amazing. Don't forget to eat too, because this hotel provides a restaurant that offers a continental breakfast and a special buffet for hotel guests.

This hotel in Sumbawa also often offers interesting promos and tour packages around Sumbawa, so don't miss it.

Aman Gati Hotel Lakey

Who has never heard of the beauty of Lakey Beach? This beautiful beach is a paradise for surfers from all over the world. And by staying at Aman Gati Hotel Lakey, you have very close access to Lakey Beach (<1 km).

At this hotel, you will experience an authentic and natural Sumbawa. Pamper yourself in the outdoor swimming pool while enjoying the natural beauty of Sumbawa. The hotel's restaurant offers a la carte breakfast each morning, and don't forget to quench your thirst with your favorite drink at the hotel's bar/lounge.

Naia Resort Beach Club Sumbawa

Where else can you stay in a hotel that combines tropical ambiance with modern style, and is close to the beach? Naia Resort Beach Club Sumbawa is the right place to stay in Sumbawa for you to get that unforgettable experience.

This resort in Sumbawa is the right choice for those of you who visit Sumbawa to enjoy the beauty of its beaches, surfing, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing because this resort really makes it easy for you to do all that. The strategic location, very close to the beach makes your Sumbawa experience truly authentic.

Not only that, but the facilities offered are very complete such as an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, garden, bar/lounge, or hotel guests can even rent a car from the hotel to get around Sumbawa.

Scar Reef Resort

One of the eco-resorts in Sumbawa which is the best place to get an authentic Sumbawa experience. One thing you will definitely get if you stay at this hotel is: a very relaxing holiday vibe. Staying at Scar Reef Resort will give you an experience as if you were staying on a secluded island paradise, very quiet and authentic.

Scar Reef Resort offers guests various options such as double and twin rooms, villas for families, and even a beach house.

This resort in Sumbawa also has a very strategic location, which is close to Scar Reef, one of the best surfing spots in Sumbawa, even in Indonesia. So don't forget to bring your surfing and have an authentic Sumbawa surfing experience.

Castaway Surf Retreat 1

The combination of a minimalist and tropical design makes this accommodation in Sumbawa very appropriate for a beach vacation or other relaxing vacation. Its location overlooking the beach is sure to provide a unique stay experience for inn guests.

If you want to experience a unique, traditional and close to nature stay, Castaway Surf Retreat 1 is the right choice. And just like the name of this accommodation, Castaway Surf Retreat 1 can be the right choice of accommodation in Sumbawa for those of you who want to experience surfing on Sumbawa beaches.

Maleo Moyo Hotel & Dive Resort

A visit to Sumbawa will not be complete if you don't experience an authentic Sumbawa stay. Tropical, semi-traditional and beachfront resorts are places to stay in Sumbawa that you want to try if you are in Sumbawa. And Maleo Moyo Hotel & Dive Resort is the right accommodation choice for that.

One of the resorts in Sumbawa also provides a tour desk for guests who want to find out more about the nearest tourist destinations. So you can get help from the resort staff if you need help planning your trip while in Sumbawa.

So this hotel in Sumbawa is the right accommodation choice, because it not only provides a comfortable stay, but also makes it easier for you to explore the beauty and natural wonders of Sumbawa.

The Tree House Sumbawa

If you are looking for accommodation that is more “private” and away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, then The Tree House Sumbawa can be your choice of accommodation in Sumbawa.

Staying at this accommodation will give you easy access to one of the world-class surfing spots, Lakey Peak. So this homestay in Sumbawa is perfect for those of you who want to experience the world-class waves surfing offered at Lakey Peak.

Not only Lakey Peak, but The Tree House Sumbawa is very close to other best surfing spots in Sumbawa such as Lakey Pipe, Periscopes, Nangadoro, Cobblestones, and Nungas.

Myamo Beach Lodge

One of the 3 star accommodations you can find near the beach in Sumbawa. The location is very beautiful, precisely on Jelenga Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sumbawa. Words that can describe this inn are authentic, calming and comfortable.

From this accommodation in Sumbawa, you can easily access the best surfing spots in Sumbawa and experience authentic living in remote areas in Indonesia. The property is surrounded by tropical gardens full of coconut trees which gives it an authentic beach vibe and vibe.

Apart from surfing, there are lots of fun activities you can do such as renting a boat, kayaking, snorkelling, diving or even just sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty of Sumbawa.

Whales and Waves Beach Resort

“Wow!”, maybe that is the most appropriate word to describe this resort in Sumbawa. This resort is very beautiful, really gives a holiday atmosphere and very natural. You will be surrounded by the beautiful natural wonders of Sumbawa.

Staying at Whales and Waves Beach Resort will provide you with extraordinary comfort and tranquility, which you may not get at other accommodations. The atmosphere and vibe is really perfect for a vacation.

Its very beautiful and natural location makes resort guests almost able to do anything such as surfing, hiking, relaxing or even visiting traditional villages close to the resort location. Whales and Waves Beach Resort in Sumbawa is the right accommodation if you want to experience an authentic Sumbawa.