Hiking and Trekking Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia, paradise for mountain climbers

Indonesia is the perfect place to get a very interesting and authentic holiday and adventure experience. One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia is by hiking and trekking in various interesting and beautiful spots in Indonesia.

We are not only talking about the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain, but also trekking that will take you around and explore the natural beauty of Indonesia – firsthand. Hiking and trekking in Indonesia will take you to witness a very beautiful and natural panorama.

Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands that offer a variety of hiking and trekking destinations in Indonesia. Of the many hiking and trekking destinations, here are the best choices for hiking and trekking destinations in Indonesia.

Hiking and Trekking Destinations in Indonesia

Mount Bromo

This mountain, located in the eastern part of the island of Java, is a popular and most visited active volcano because it is very accessible and very suitable even for beginners. The peak, which is at 7641 feet (2329m) is the right place to watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets and enjoy the view of Indonesia's natural beauty.

Not only the sunrise and sunset, but many things you can find when hiking on Mount Bromo. You can climb to several corners of Mount Bromo to watch the sunrise and sunset; enjoy the beauty of Bromo National Park from the top; get around the popular Sea of ​​Sand by foot, bike or Jeep; or even you can climb to the rim of the crater of Mount Bromo where the view is amazing.

The best time to go hiking in Indonesia at Mount Bromo is around May to October, because visiting Bromo during the dry season and sunny weather will make your hiking experience even more interesting. This mountain is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, make sure you avoid visiting Mount Bromo on long holidays to avoid the crowded paths.

Mount Rinjani

What makes Lombok very special is its amazing tourist destinations, one of which is Mount Rinjani. The peak of this mountain is the main tourist destination to witness the stunning view of Crater Lake on the rim of the crater (2639m). Mount Rinjani is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Indonesia.

One thing to note is that the mandatory requirement to climb Mount Rinjani to the top is to have a high level of fitness and have a strong adventurous spirit. Climbing to the top of the mountain which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia (3726m) will bring you a very authentic and challenging hiking experience in Indonesia.

This mountain offers many hiking and trekking trails that offer adventurous natural scenery. You can find waterfalls, dense forests, you can wildlife spotting, you can explore caves, challenging trekking trails, witness the life of local people and many more.

The best time to visit Mount Rinjani is around April to December. Make sure you update the latest information from Rinjani National Park or related authorities because hiking trails may be closed due to bad weather or other considerations.

Ijen crater

Glowing blue flame is a unique and rare natural phenomenon that you can't find anywhere other than Ijen Crater. The blue flames are the light that comes from burning sulphur gases and when they come into contact with air, they create a blue flame.

Missing Ijen Crater as your hiking and trekking destination is a big mistake. Because it will make you miss a very rare opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon. The main highlights of Ijen Crater are the glowing blue flame (blue flame); challenging trekking trails; watch the sunrise and sunset from the top of the mountain; witness the phenomenal Ijen Crater; and other activities that bring you to explore Indonesia's natural wealth.

Keep in mind that you are required to bring a gas mask if you plan to get closer to Sulphur at Ijen Crater, you can rent this gas mask at the manager. The best time to experience the authentic Ijen Crater is around September and October (dry and sunny seasons). Also avoid holidays because the Ijen Crater trekking route will be very crowded.

Padar Island

Padar Island is a part of the popular Komodo National Park. Previously, Padar Island was the home and habitat of Komodo dragons before the Komodo National Park. This hiking destination in Indonesia is perfect for those of you who are still beginners because there are lots of easy and short tracks that you can take to reach various beautiful scenic spots.

This island is very famous for its very beautiful and easily accessible views and panoramas. The view of the sunrise and sunset from the peak of the height of Padar Island will make anyone who witnessed it amazed.

Not only that, this island looks like a dinosaur island. You will find rocky hills, giant bays and beaches stretching in all directions. In the north of this island you can find a pink beach with reddish sand.

Its natural beauty and spectacular panorama make this island very suitable for those who like photography. So make sure you include Padar Island as your hiking destination, prepare your camera, enjoy and record your moments on this beautiful island.

Tips for Hiking and Trekking in Indonesia

1. What to bring:

a. Flashlight: if you want to hike to the top to watch the sunrise, make sure you bring a flashlight for lighting. The hiking trails are very easy, but will be so dark that it requires lighting.

b. Drinking water: even though the weather is cold, climbing Mount Bromo to the top of course will make you dehydrated

c. Warm clothes: the higher you climb the mountain, the lower the temperature. So make sure you bring warm layered clothes.

2. Each hiking and trekking destination in Indonesia has its own level of difficulty and uniqueness. So make sure you do thorough research on your hiking and trekking destinations, prepare for your departure, and make sure you have a porter or guide if you are a beginner.

3. The recommended destinations above are included in the safe category for tourists, but it also depends on the type of activity. Make sure you are updated with the latest information from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency or related authorities in Indonesia.

4. Security is the most important thing. Make sure you follow the applicable regulations, and do not engage in activities that violate the law or activities that are harmful.

5. Make sure you don't leave a trail of trash and damage the environment, let's keep Indonesia beautiful and spectacular.