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Vacation to Sumbawa: Tourist Attractions in Sumbawa That Must Be Visited

Sumbawa, the Paradise for Surfing and Diving

The most appropriate sentence to describe Sumbawa is “the most perfect place for surfing and diving in Indonesia, or even in the world”. This beautiful island located east of the island of Lombok offers many perfect spots for surfing and diving. You must include Sumbawa tourism in your holiday bucket list.

Your surfing and diving experience must be very interesting accompanied by the beautiful panorama and views of this island. Sumbawa Island is very well known for its beaches and very attractive green tourism. The spectacular view of the coral reefs will surely colour your holiday experience to Sumbawa.

Although most tourists come to Sumbawa Island to surf and dive, there are many other things that tourists can do. This beautiful island offers many tourist destinations in Sumbawa. Some other things you can do for an authentic experience in Sumbawa are interacting with local people, attending traditional celebrations, cultural exhibitions, and more.

Not only that, Sumbawa Island is the perfect place to spend your holiday. There are many tourist destinations in Sumbawa and tourist attractions in Sumbawa that you must visit. Want to know anything? Let's read more.

How to get to Sumbawa

There are many ways to get to Sumbawa, one of which is via Lombok. After you land at Lombok International Airport (BIL), you can continue your journey to Kayangan Harbour, East Lombok to cross to Sumbawa by ferry.

This ferry service is available at Kayangan Harbor 24/7 which departs every hour. If you bring a personal vehicle such as a motorbike, car or even large vehicles such as buses and trucks, you will be charged a special rate for the vehicle which is calculated based on the size of the vehicle.

On the ferry, various things are also offered to accompany the passenger journey, such as a cafeteria, VIP room, and other facilities. This ferry will take you to Poto Tano Harbor in West Sumbawa. After arriving at Poto Tano Port, you can continue the journey using private vehicles or public transportation.

However, if your departure point is from Bali, you can simply take a plane from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport (SWQ) in Sumbawa Besar. Or you can also use bus transportation from Denpasar, Bali to Sumbawa with a cheaper ticket cost.

Transportation in Sumbawa is also relatively easy because popular transportation such as Gojek, Grab, Bluebird or taxis are generally already operating in Sumbawa. So don't worry if you need transportation to make it easier for you while on vacation in Sumbawa.

Tourist Attractions in Sumbawa

1. Mount Tambora, a historical marvel

Sumbawa is not only known for its Sumbawa beach tourism, but also hiking and other adventures. If you are an adventurer, add Mount Tambora to your holiday bucket list this year, because there are so many wonders that this legendary mountain has to offer. If you are a history buff, you must already know how amazing this mountain is.

There are many things you can do in this Sumbawa tourist attraction, such as climbing this mountain to see a very spectacular 6 km caldera view, equipped with a two-coloured lake and Sumbawa sea views.

Yep, but it is quite difficult to reach the top of Mount Tambora, so make sure you are a professional climber or have a qualified guide.

2. Lakey Beach, a surf lover's paradise

Going to Sumbawa without a surfing experience is incomplete, so prepare your surfing and enjoy a unique surfing experience at Lakey Beach. The surf spot which is also known as Lakey Peak Haven is a favourite spot for surfers who come on vacation to Sumbawa.

Lakey Beach is one of the famous surfing spots in Indonesia, or even in the world. Not only is it popular as a surfing spot, but the strong wind makes this tourist destination in Sumbawa very suitable for wind surfing, or even kitesurfing. The white sand and natural beauty of the surrounding area has become a sensation, so it is also the right place to relax.

3. Wildlife spotting to island hopping on Moyo Island

It is not an exaggeration if someone says that Moyo Island is the most beautiful tourist destination in Sumbawa. This beautiful island is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs, nature reserves that are home to various types of fauna, as well as other amazing natural destinations.

Of the many things you can do at this Sumbawa tourist attraction, some of the popular things you can do are wildlife spotting, experience world-class diving and snorkelling, relax on the beach, spa at a luxury resort while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Moyo Island, to the very best. popular – island hopping. Book a ticket and prepare your suitcase because a lot of beauty awaits you on Moyo Island.

4. Paserang Island, a hidden paradise in the middle of Lombok and Sumbawa

On Sumbawa, it is very easy to find beautiful and amazing small islands. If you are looking for exotic tourist attractions in Sumbawa, then Paserang Island is one of the best answers.

The island is located in the Alas Strait, a strait that lies between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa. So the location of this island is what makes this island very special, because it is the right place to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Sumbawa and its small islands.

This island is very rich in underwater life, so snorkelling and diving are very appropriate activities to do on this island. And, you can experience relaxing as if on a private island.

How to access tourist destinations in Sumbawa also tends to be easy because you can go to Paserang Island using a chartered boat from the Poto Tano port.

But make sure you are able to bring and provide your own equipment, because until now there is no accommodation available on this small island. But don't worry, many accommodations are available on the adjacent island or around the port of Poto Tano which is only 20 minutes away by boat.

5. Satonda Island

Even though it is not actually located in Sumbawa, Satonda Island is still administratively included in the Sumbawa region. And it will be very unfortunate for you to miss this Satonda Island while on vacation to Sumbawa. Just like other tourist destinations in Sumbawa, don't forget to bring your snorkelling equipment, because there are so many amazing snorkelling spots on this island.

This island offers a very spectacular beauty, equipped with a beautiful lake located right in the middle of Satonda Island, which makes it even more special. The beautiful lake is even more special because its location is not too far from the beach.

One way to get to this tourist spot in Sumbawa is to use a chartered boat from Moho Island or Sumbawa Besar. But you are advised to have sufficient preparation and supplies, because the difficulty of finding accommodation on Satonda Island requires you to provide equipment for a picnic.